K12 Mobility continues to deliver innovative cutting edge solutions to the Public Sector space nationwide. We have expanded our capabilities to now offer GPS Asset and Fleet Tracking Services, GoCloud Learning SIS/LMS, EDIFI our 1:1 connected mobile hotspot device, as well as Bus Connect keeping kids connected while on the go.

K12 Mobility understands what schools really need, and this is a sustainability plan, and we have also designed a perfect fit for schools in our newest creation called Join Connections. This is an e-Commerce market place that connects schools with local businesses supporting the local economy, while allowing them to earn monies monthly to help sustain things needed to continue to support programs needed for their kids.

We have also partnered with industry leading companies to support our distribution of these products and services, and our partnerships with the wireless carriers nationwide round out our mission of providing low-cost high quality mobility solutions.

(GPS) Bus Tracking

Students no longer need to stand in the cold rain waiting for the bus to arrive. With a simple-to-use app installed on their personal electronic device, students can track the approximate time their bus will arrive.

Parents can monitor the comings and goings of their child's bus, making certain their child is safe to and from school.

Schools will have the latest technology to monitor their fleet in real time. A small device installed on each bus provides instant tracking capabilities and full visibility into their vehicles and drivers.

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Join Connections

Available 2020

Our mission is to use an e-commerce market place to support schools nationwide by providing them a sustainable funding model to help bridge the technology divide. Connections will allow students, parents, and K12 Schools, College and Universities the ability to engage with their local, regional, and national businesses in each community, by using our platform to buy their goods and services, while receiving revenue for their schools.

  Join Connections  

Education SIS/LMS

GoCloud Learning SIS/LMS

is adaptable to a variety of organizational and enterprise business models. It is easily molded to meet your learning requirements and can be changed at any time as your business grows to meet the demands of your organization.

  GoCloud Learning  

Bridging The Digital Divide with EDIFI ™
or EDIFI Bus Connect for K12

The EDIFI™ solution offers a CIPA compliant mobile hotspot for individual home usage, or a cradle point router that allows for usage while traveling to and from school on the school bus. EDIFI™ connects users to 4G LTE wireless cellular broadband using a VPN increasing security by routing traffic through Private Static IP’s.

EDIFI™ not only connects users to 4G -LTE wireless cellular broadband it allows schools to use their CIPA policy to block and manage URLs with the embedded Lightspeed management console. Schools can manage their own policies, which can be filtered at the hotspot, cradle point, or device level, allowing for the ultimate level of protection.

EDIFI™ allows districts to effectively manage their data plans to ensure no overage charges, making it very affordable for all schools nationwide. This platform provides students connectivity to the internet 24/7 managing student overages by putting them in the “penalty box” for too much data usage.

Team Excellence

We consistently try to meet the expectations of each customer.

Bob Logan

(VP), Business Development

Bob Logan is a wireless cellular industry veteran with over 26 years' experience has decided to change the way K12 Schools are afforded technology solutions, by building a best of class partner group that revenue shares with the schools to help with funding shortfalls.

David Hunnicutt

(VP), Technology and Assessment

David Hunnicutt has over 30 years’ experience in IT with roles of Director of of Technology for several School Districts in Indiana. He has been able to use his teacher skill sets as well as IT background in the classroom leading the Professional Development platform at K12 Mobility.

Daryle Johnson

Advisory Board Chair

Daryle Johnson has over 20 years' of Advisory Partnership experience, and has joined K12 Mobility as the Advisory Board Chair to help increase our market awareness, innovation, and to continue bringing best of class partners to the K12 Mobility platform.

Michael Beer

(CTO), Information Technology

Michael Beer with over 20 years’ of business experience has joined K12 Mobility in our excellent mission to deliver to each trusted partner and customer a solution that utilizes the latest technologies in the most efficient ways.


See for yourself what our customers are saying...

K12 Mobility has been the absolute best partner for our 1:1 program. They have delivered on target solutions, while having attention to detail on their professional development for our staff. We will be a customer for life.

Tariq D. Evans Al-Nasir

STEMnasium Learning Academy
Schools looking to deploy a 1: to something K12 Mobility is the perfect partner. They do a free assessment so they can understand the environment and so they are ready to perform all needed parts for a school to thrive in the technology arena. Great team!

Chris Ashmore

Irvington Community Schools

Tariq Al-Nasir, Founder of STEMNASIUM LEARNING Academy | Bob Logan, Founder / CEO K12 Mobility

 S.T.E.M. Education is important at a young age.

21st Century Learning

This platform allows personalized learning to help align and augment existing curriculum with project based learning digitally. Teachers and students call it the digital differentiator, we just call it a professional development game changer. Learn how to measure engagement, time on task, and adaptive learning needs, while shifting the mindsets to help motivate learning.

Track leaders in learning and their associated badge tracks, while driving social learning and monitor content creation. Preparation meets productivity!

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