K12 Mobility continues to evolve and has expanded its capabilities to include IT Services, IOT, GPS Asset Management Services, software solutions and a host of other service platforms that are making a great impact into the Education, SMB and Libraries market place nationwide. The technology services include device selections, servers, routers, and infrastructure.

We have partnered with industry leading software companies for Mobile Device Management, CIPA Filtering, Digital Curriculum Management, e-Learning MATH software, certified professional development in all areas including Google, Microsoft, and classroom technology integration, and wireless education broadband from several wireless carriers nationwide. When you purchase from our organization, you are directly helping K12 Schools because we are able to heavily discount our services to support the needs of schools nationwide.

Device Selection

K12 Mobility provides some level of free professional development for all device purchases from our team. These device selections are Windows, Chrome, or used - IOS devices, from HP, ASUS, Lenovo, Samsung, Dell, and a host of others.

Bandwidth Management

K12 Mobility is delivering new services to maintain an acceptable Quality of Experience (QoE) for users of mobile data communications for machine to machine applications. We are able to control wireless cellular data consumption (wireless cellular bandwidth) for better user experiences, and costs. This new application allows all industries to control the cost of their wireless cellular monthly billing, while still being able to deliver the needed capacity of wireless data for work related functions.

CIPA Compliant Portable Hotspot

K12 Mobility has a new CIPA Complaint Portable Hotspot that allows for off campus broadband usage to be able to help bridge the technology digital divide. Our solution connects users to wireless broadband, while also providing blocked sites, using the schools policy as the guide for access. This solution allows for no overage charges, making it very affordable for all schools nationwide.

GPS – Fleet Tracking

Inspect what you expect

K12 Mobility has a very affordable GPS Fleet Tracking solution to help track, manage, and optimize your fleet in real time. Our Fleet solution is a robust solution that offers visibility into your fleet, and also it collects data, and alerts you instantly when critical information about your fleet changes.

Fix/Repair i-devices

K12 Mobility has created a program to repair iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and iMacs that support your organization. When a device in your fleet breaks, shatters, or stops working we are a phone call away. Our team responds quickly and has access to a full line up of certified replacement parts to minimize your down-time and your frustration.

Who We Serve

K12 Mobility has expanded our client base to now support K12 Education, College/Universities, Small to Medium sized Businesses, Non-Profits, and Healthcare with mobility solutions and revenue sharing that help drive profitability.

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Our Commitment to Our Clients!

Our commitment to our clients is that we will deliver extraordinary customer service that will allow them to focus on running their operations, while we provide the needed platforms to help save them time, money, and a piece of mine.

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Team Excellence

We consistently try to meet the expectations of each customer.

Bob Logan

(VP), Business Development

Bob Logan is a wireless cellular industry veteran with over 26 years' experience has decided to change the way K12 Schools are afforded technology solutions, by building a best of class partner group that revenue shares with the schools to help with funding shortfalls.

David Hunnicutt

(VP), Technology and Assessment

David Hunnicutt has over 30 years’ experience in IT with roles of Director of of Technology for several School Districts in Indiana. He has been able to use his teacher skill sets as well as IT background in the classroom leading the Professional Development platform at K12 Mobility.

Daryle Johnson

Advisory Board Chair

Daryle Johnson has over 20 years' of Advisory Partnership experience, and has joined K12 Mobility as the Advisory Board Chair to help increase our market awareness, innovation, and to continue bringing best of class partners to the K12 Mobility platform.

Michael Beer

(VP), Software Engineering

Michael Beer with over 20 years’ of business experience has joined K12 Mobility in our excellent mission to deliver to each trusted partner and customer a solution that utilizes the latest technologies in the most efficient ways.

Our Mission


Our mission at K12 Mobility is to deliver to our clients a very effective and fiscally responsible best of class eco-system of solutions that will help make their environment run smoother. We believe by providing technology related solutions, and industry experience it will allow us to cater to their every need.

Our Goal is to always give the best experiences of sales and support so they will trust us for their mobility needs. In the event any client feels that K12 Mobility didn’t meet their ultimate customer experience, please send me an email, and I will personally fix the experience.

Thank you for your business.
Bob Logan

K12 Mobility:

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See for yourself what our customers are saying...

K12 Mobility has been the absolute best partner for our 1:1 program. They have delivered on target solutions, while having attention to detail on their professional development for our staff. We will be a customer for life.

Tariq D. Evans Al-Nasir

STEMnasium Learning Academy
Schools looking to deploy a 1: to something K12 Mobility is the perfect partner. They do a free assessment so they can understand the environment and so they are ready to perform all needed parts for a school to thrive in the technology arena. Great team!

Chris Ashmore

Irvington Community Schools

Tariq Al-Nasir, Founder of STEMNASIUM LEARNING Academy | Bob Logan, Founder / CEO K12 Mobility

 S.T.E.M. Education is important at a young age.

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